Finnish sauna

TOM and his team welcome you to the Finnish studio:


First of all, I would like to personally welcome you to my Finnish studio and wish you a pleasant and undisturbed relaxation. TOM, the owner


For a comfortable stay, I have created this manual for you.


Basic rules:


1.     Take off your shoes at the entrance and leave your jackets there too.

2.     Do not consume drinks or food inside the sauna and the prohibition to consume your own alcoholic beverages.

3.     Prohibition of smoking cigarettes, including IQOS, etc.

4.     Before entering the sauna, take a shower and remove your make-up and brush your hair.

5.     Only use a sheet in the sauna and we do not recommend taking a sauna in bathing suits or slippers.

6.     In the bathroom you will find all the cosmetics and a hairdryer for current use.

7.     Maps/magazines, charging cables and other small things to borrow can be found in the drawer.

8.     You have coffee, tea, water on the table and, for overnight stays, a small breakfast included in the price. Minibar is paid.

9.     After 9 p.m., please keep quiet at night.

10.  At the end, hang up the towels + turn off everything and leave the trash in the bin.

11.  Finish on time, if the time is exceeded by more than 5 minutes, we charge a fee for the next hour (for overnight stays, check out is until 11:00 a.m.).


We charge for possible breakage or destruction according to the equipment price list. We charge 10x the value of the item for theft and in case of inaction in paying the damage, we report it to the police.


Lighting instructions:


There are light switches in all rooms and please turn them off at the end or when you are not there.


Nevertheless, you can find white LED controller on sauna for lights in the sauna, under the bed and in the bar.


It is easy to control, on the bottom left you can control all the lights at once, and on the right are the individual LED strips.


You simply turn it on by pressing I and turn it off by pressing 0. You can choose the intensity of the lighting and the color.



Instructions for the Finnish sauna with infrared panels:


Our sauna is dry and the recommended temperature is 80-90°C.


For daily reservations of 60-360 minutes, we automatically preheat the sauna for you and turn off the stove 15 minutes before the end of your reservation. We set the temperature to 80-90°C. We can adjust the temperature upon request or call.


For overnight stays, turn on the sauna yourself with the power button and wait 30 minutes. The price of overnight stays includes 4 hours of sauna including pre-heating (AIRBNB and BOOKING include 2 hours of sauna including pre-heating). Don’t worry, even after that, the sauna will stay warm for tens of minutes more.


Please do not press anything on the panel, so as not to detune the sauna unnecessarily. When finished, press the power button on the black panel again and RC ON will light up (in translation, it means turned off OK).


If SAFE lights up on the panel – the door is not closed and the stove is not heating. Always close the sauna door tightly.


At the beginning, the current temperature will be displayed on the panel. Since our sauna is in a corner, the temperatures are slightly different everywhere, and the highest temperature is always above the stove on the upper bench.


Be careful not to burn yourself. It is forbidden to pour water and oils on the stove, this is what the essential metal bowl above the stove is for.


When pouring water or oil on the stove, there is a risk of damaging the stove and also the salt image.


Infrared panels are controlled via the green button. They turn on for about 20 minutes and then turn off automatically. A great helper with back pain and not only that.

Instructions for the air conditioner and dryer:


The dryer runs automatically in the technical room at the entrance. If it is damp here, please air it out for 10 minutes before the end.


The air conditioning is controlled by the controller and everything is adjusted via the buttons:


MODE – adjusting the air conditioning mode (sun – heats, snowflake – cools, drops – dries)


FAN – air conditioning intensity


Use the arrows to adjust the temperature as needed. Please turn off the air conditioning at the end or in the absence.


Please do not press the other buttons, because then there is a risk of the air conditioning malfunctioning, which we cannot control during the reservation.


Recommendation – if you have set the sun and the temperature at 18°C – it really won’t cool you down, etc. You need to set the correct air conditioning mode 🙂


Audio and TV instructions:


Our SMART TV will take care of your pleasant relaxation. On the TV you will find Netflix (you can connect yours or you can find ours here), Youtube, Magenta TV with Czech programs. There is also an HDMI cable in the drawer to connect your electronics.


You can choose music for the main room and the sauna on the audio panel. Here you will find Youtube, Spotify, Bluetooth and our music on the SD card.


You choose everything on the panel and select our music on the main screen after pressing the notes with commas and then select TF CARD and select the desired music from the SD card.


“Room 1” is the music in the sauna and “Room 2” is the music in the main room.


The audio panel is turned on by double tapping the pen or the button from the bottom of the panel.




In the bathroom you will find all cosmetics, including make-up removers and a hairdryer for current use.


You will also find tropical rain in the shower.


For overnight stays, you can also use the washing machine, you will find detergents in the basket, as well as an iron or ironing board (hanging on the door). We recommend a program for 45 minutes.


Minibar and additional services:


The minibar is paid and you can pay by leaving cash on the table or by sending money via the Trisbee QR code, which will quickly and easily direct you to the online payment link. This QR code needs to be scanned with the mobile camera.


Additional online services for this branch are currently not possible.


Price list:


Snack/Soft drink 50,- (6+3 pcs)

Wine + Beer 80,- (1+1 pc.)

Prosecco 0.2l/Minialko 0.02-0.04l 100,- (1+4 pcs)


A total of 16 minibar items


Operating Rules:


To view at the reception.


Contact and emergency numbers:


Reception: 09:00-21:00 +420724997968


Emergency number for the owner 24/7: +420604557425 (emergency only – for questions and information, call to reception when is available)


In case of fire or health problems, call 112


Are you missing something here or have an idea for improvement or a complaint?


write to us at


We will also be pleased to receive praise or a nice review from you.


Lázně TOM thanks you :)))