Private wellness

Private wellness manual:


TOM and his team welcome you to the private wellness:


First of all, I would like to personally welcome you to my wellness and wish you a pleasant and undisturbed relaxation. TOM


For a comfortable stay, I have created this manual for you.


Basic rules:


1.    Take off your shoes at the entrance and leave your jackets here, you will also find disinfected slippers here.

2.    Do not consume drinks or food inside the sauna/bath and no consumption of your own alcoholic beverages.

3.    No smoking of cigarettes, including IQOS, etc. Outside you will find a covered smoking area with an ashtray.

4.    Take a shower/brush your hair and remove your make-up before entering the hot tub. 

5.    Only use a sheet in the sauna and we do not recommend taking a sauna in a bathing suit.

6.    Do not manipulate the stove in the Finnish sauna.

7.    In the bathroom you will find all cosmetics and a hairdryer for current use.

8.    Magazines, charging cables are available here.

9.    Water, Nespresso coffee and towels and sheets are included in the price. Minibar is paid.

10.         After 9 p.m., please keep quiet at night.

11.         If you finish after 8 p.m., put a light cover on the bathtub + turn off the lights and candles and close the door. The air conditioner and the dryer will turn off automatically.

12.         Finish on time, if the time exceeds 5 minutes, we charge a fee for the next hour.


We charge for possible breakage or destruction according to the equipment price list. We charge 10x the value of the item for theft and in case of inaction in paying the damage, we report it to the PČR.


Lighting instructions:


There is a sensor light at the entrance and in the bathroom. In the main room, you will find a switch for large lights and LED lights next to the window + above the stairs, a switch for the fan and an LED strip above the bathtub. (Please do not turn off the fan.)


Here we have a controller for adjusting the LED lighting (but you must always turn on the switch of the given thing):


1 – LED strip above the bathtub – colored

2 – X

3 – LED strip in the sauna

4 – LED lighting in the ceiling – colored


Sun – used for lighting intensity

CCT – and then the wheel is used to adjust the white color

RGB – and then the wheel is used to adjust the desired color

The other upper buttons are used to turn on/off or to change the color.


You always have to press the desired number first, then RGB and then you can play with the wheel which color you want.



Instructions for the Finnish tropical sauna:


The sauna is available in the VIP, VIP+ and ALL INCLUSIVE packages. It is switched off centrally in PREMIUM.


The sauna is always preheated to 70-90°C for you. The sauna always goes to the maximum. The humidity is a bit higher in this sauna due to the nearby whirlpool, so we rather call it tropical.


In the sauna, please do not manipulate the stove or water the stove, as there is a risk of damaging it. A bowl above the stove is used for scented and essential oil. The sauna switches off automatically before the end.


Please do not eat or drink inside the sauna and also use a sheet under yourself.


Instructions for the infrared sauna:


You can switch on the sauna as you wish with one red switch button. Wait 15 minutes for pre-heating and then you can go to warm up together with the sauna.


The infrared sauna is set to a maximum temperature of 65°C and a time of 60 minutes. If you like, you can extend the time by pressing the red power button again.


Thanks to the infrared panels, our infrared sauna will help you with back pain and relax your muscles. The temperature is a by-product in this sauna and so it normally reaches around 45-55°C. It is so suitable for children. In addition, an infrared sauna will make you sweat 2x more intensely than a classic sauna.


You can also turn on music in the infrared sauna. The panel is very simple and intuitive.


Instructions for the jacuzzi:


The whirlpool has a set temperature of 36.5°C. You control the functions of the bath on the panel – jets, bubbles and lights.


Before entering the hot tub, remove your make-up, brush your hair and, above all, take a shower. We charge a penalty for water pollution!


The temperature in the bath cannot be changed and is set with the recommendation of the bath and hygiene manufacturer.


For water treatment, we use unique chlorine-free technologies, including ozone, a UV lamp and automatic PH dispensers, etc. That is why our water is always clean and of high quality for all our customers.

 Instructions for the air conditioner and dryer:


You will find a dryer at the entrance. Please keep it running for the duration of your relaxation. It dehumidifies the space so you are always comfortable here. The dryer must be in CONT mode and the fan must be on HIGH.


In the room, you will also find an air conditioner, on which we put heating in winter and mainly cold in summer for a pleasant climate in the room.


MODE – you set the air conditioning mode (sunshine – heats/flake – cools/droplets – dries, etc.)

FAN – intensity

Adjust the temperature as needed with the arrows.


Please do not press the other buttons, because then there is a risk of the air conditioning malfunctioning, which we cannot control during the reservation.


Recommendation – if you have set the sun and the temperature at 18°C – it really won’t cool you down, etc. You need to set the correct air conditioning mode 🙂


Audio instructions:


There is a black audio panel above the stairs. On it you can choose music from several options:


Youtube or Spotify app


You connect and pair with your phone via Bluetooth and easily play what you like.


Or press the dashes with the note symbol on the home page and select the music from the TF card here. There are plenty of party and relaxation options here.


You can also adjust the volume on the panel. At the bottom right is a possible power-on or reset button. You can also control the panel via the black controller. (If the box doesn’t respond to anything, the operator needs to go out and reset the audio on the circuit breaker.)




In the bathroom, you will find all the cosmetics for current use in the cabinet, a hairdryer and, above all, luxurious French L’Occitane cosmetics in the shower. We always leave a clean spare towel on the heater for possible use.


Yves Rocher make-up removers can be found on the table in the main room.


Minibar and additional services:


The minibar is paid for and you can pay by leaving cash on the table or by sending money via the Trisbee QR code, which will quickly and easily direct you to the online payment link. This QR code needs to be scanned with the mobile camera.


Additional services for this branch can be found on the website We offer lined bowls, decorations and quality bottles of wine and prosecco.


Price list:


Snack/Soft drink 50,- (7+4 pcs)

Wine + Beer 80,- (2+2 pcs)

Prosecco 0.2l/Minialko 0.02-0.04l 100,- (2+3 pcs)


A total of 20 minibar items


Operating Rules:


To view at the reception.


Contact and emergency numbers:


Reception: 09:00-21:00 +420724997968.


Emergency number for the owner 24/7: +420604557425 (emergency only – for questions and information, the reception is available).


In case of fire or health problems, call 112.


Are you missing something here or have an idea for improvement or a complaint?


write to us at


We will also be pleased to receive praise or a nice review from you.


Spa TOM thanks you :)))